• How We Manufacture Raw Stones into Visual Artifacts?

    Selection of Marble

    Initially, according to shape and size of statue, the best quality marble block is selected from our stock of marble blocks or marble mines.

    Measurement of Statue

    After selection of marble, measurement is done by using Graphic System, Compass System and free hand marble carving approaches.

    Proper Cutting

    By using electrical drilling and cutting equipments, extra part is removed and molding shape by experts.

    Shape of Statue

    After proper cutting work, Our highly skilled artists work on statue with the help of various tools and mold the clock into the shape of the statue.

    Finishing Work

    After the shape of statue work, the statue is shifted to finishing work for face, crown, garland and more. It is the last step where sculptor works.

    Polishing Work

    After complete carving, the statue is moved for polishing, where the statue is rubbed by various tools.

    Painting of Statue

    After polishing work, the statue is transfer to painting work where the statue is coloured by skilled painters with the help of high quality paint, gold and various tools.

    Customer’s Satisfaction

    Once the statue is completed from painting, we send adorable picture of the statue to customer and for customer’s satisfaction.

    Packing of Statue

    After the customer’s satisfaction, the statue is packed in wooden/steel box specially manufactured for them. We use export quality packing concepts for delivery of statue.

    Insurance of Statue

    We provide the insurance for statue as per customer’s choice.